yahooWe appreciate your continued use of Music Teacher’s Helper services, and want to assure you that your satisfaction is our highest priority. Recently, implemented a policy change on their email servers that immediately affects not only all Yahoo email users, but also third party email servers such as Music Teacher’s Helper.

Yahoo has changed a single setting on their email servers that prevents MTH and similar list servers from sending an email message that says it is from a Yahoo email address, unless the message is sent using Yahoo’s own email servers. What this means to you is that, when MTH sends out emails, such as invoices or lesson reminders, these messages are being rejected if the teacher is using a Yahoo email address.

Other companies are reacting by suggesting that Yahoo email addresses simply be banned from participation in mailing lists, or asking users to change to different email service providers. We at MTH appreciate that this is not an option that everyone will be happy about, and we certainly have no desire to ban users simply because of who they use for email services. But, for the time being, we encourage you to use another email service provider instead of Yahoo.

The fix for this on our end is not particularly difficult, but it is not quick to implement either. The main option we are looking at right now will change how emails from Yahoo users appear when they are received. We will update you with the details as changes are made.

If you are interested in learning more details about the change that Yahoo has made, a good place to start is


We appreciate your patience while we address this issue.

Ken Rhodes
Senior Customer Service Rep
Music Teacher’s

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We have many different training webinars this month, including Settings, Student Management, Calendar and Scheduling, Fees and Invoicing including a look at the new invoice system to be released soon, Website Features (the pages listed on the Website dropdown window), Reports, and Affiliate Basics.

Go to to register for a webinar, or watch a previously recorded session. Because each webinar holds up to 25 participants, you need to act quickly to register as they fill up quickly.

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StaimezI have used MTH for more then a year now and I can’t imagine going backwards and managing my music school without it. From easy billing, invoicing, scheduling, automatic reminders, lesson notes and many other features – MTH does it all for you. I used to spend a lot of  time keeping track of all payments and schedules on my own, but now with MTH things are so much easier, literally saving me hours and hours needless work every week. With MTH All of my studio records are now in one place and accessible with a click of a button.

In addition, the parents of my students are constantly giving me compliments about MTH as they are now receiving their weekly lesson notes over email and in addition can login and check their schedule, payments and more.

Last but definitely not least, MTH customer support is great – they helped me get started with the program in no time and always provides prompt response to any issue. Bump up your teaching business to the next level with Music Teacher’s Helper!”

Moses “Mostai” Staimez

Guitar and Piano Instructor
Atlanta School of Musical Arts
Cell: (404) 490-5391

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How often do you find yourself in need of a list of your students?I'm in treble image

One can keep a list on your computer, but remembering to update it as you get new students or students discontinue can be inconsistent.

The easiest way to come up with a list of your students is to use the export names option on MTH; such a seemingly simple option that can save you time and help you in emergency situations. Read more…

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If Music Teachers Helper (MTH) allows you to gain or retain just ONE student, the way I figure it, you will earn double the cost of the service.   In addition, if MTH helps you avoid losing money through better payments and accounting, you might actually be saving the equivalent of MTH‘s cost each month you use it.


But let’s take a look at the details.  Read on for 10 reasons why I think MTH pays for itself–


Read more…

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Boy with Ears & Music

Using Various Technologies to Provide Play-Along Recordings to Students

One of the things I feel very strongly about as a music teacher is developing the  student’s ear – early, and often. I’m not just referring to the ear training exercises that most of us probably employ, but also using recorded examples at every possible opportunity.

I could write an entire post on why I believe this is so critical to the student’s success, and why I think audio examples and play-along recordings should be used constantly from the very beginning. For now, I’ll assume that most of you are already on board with this idea, and perhaps just need some ideas for HOW to provide recordings to students.   Read more…

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Yiyi Ku

New Studio Website

February 22nd, 2014 by

photoMy first studio website was launched in 2006. I had just moved to Long Island, New York from New Zealand, and was in the process of applying to become a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music from MTNA. One of the many suggested projects for Standard III – Professional Business Management, was to build and launch a studio website. Lucky for me, my brother is an amazing website and graphic designer, so I was able to complete the project with minimal cost.

Over the years, I have learned a few website design tips and HTML codes myself, and my studio website has undergone a few major facelifts. Not only does it have my studio information and policy, I have added numerous student photos and videos, studio newsletters and announcements, as well as a blog where I post articles and reviews.

I have so much information stored on my last website, that it was beginning to look cluttered, and the layout was starting to look tired and dated. I decided to search for a new theme on WordPress! Moreover, I decided to make use of the free website offered by Music Teachers Helper. Since I already had my own studio website before joining Music Teachers Helper in 2010, I never thought about taking advantage of its website function. That is, until about a month ago, when Music Teachers Helper announced the introduction of a blog page! That made it very tempting, especially after reading about how to customize the templates. I have been having so much fun building a studio website using Music Teachers Helper, that I have decided to keep it and incorporate it into my new personal website on WordPress. Since doing so, I have discovered a few advantages:

1. On the odd (but seemingly increasing) occasion that my WordPress site is down due to server overload, I still have a “backup” website available to direct potential new students to.

2. I can separate information. “Static” information related to my studio, such as teacher bio, studio policy, and programs that I offer my students, can go on the Music Teachers Helper website. On my WordPress site, I will concentrate on articles, reviews, and my own upcoming performances and recitals.

3. I no longer need to deal with spams. I no longer disclose personal email or phone number on either site. I will use the Music Teachers Helper Contact Form and Registration Form exclusively. My personal contact information will only be given to students that are already in the studio.

Read more…

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webinar1We are excited to announce MTH Webinars are now live. Live sessions will last approximately twenty to thirty minutes, with a Q & A session following each webinar. Each training session is limited to 25 participants, but a recording of the training session will be available at a later date.

Go to and signup for a training webinar now. Training webinars include Settings, Student Management, Scheduling, and Invoicing.

Check the page frequently for updates on new days and times, as well as listings for other webinars such as Affiliate Training and Marketing Your Studio. We also plan to have advanced webinars such as Designing your Website, etc.

A reminder and link will be emailed to you one day, and again one hour, before the webinar is to begin.

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We are excited to announce the new Blog Feature for your music studio website. Also, your last five blog posts will show up on the dashboard of your parents and students after they log in. To begin using the new blog feature, you will need to first activate the blog.

Activating Your Blog

  1. Hover over “Website”, and click on “Website Pages”.
  2. Scroll down to “Blog”, and click on “Edit”.
  3. Change the page status from “Inactive” to “Active”.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom and click “SAVE”.

Creating Your Post

If you select “Create a New Post”, a new page will open, presented with an editor, in which you write up your very first post. After writing your article, you can select “Enable The Post”, or “Disable The Post”. You can also choose to allow comments on posts. Select your choices at the bottom and then select “Save Post”.

New Music Studio Blog Post

To create a post, hover over “Website”, and click on “Blog”. On this page you will see a list of posts you have already created, and two buttons at the top to “Create A New Post” or “Categories”.

Creating Categories

Before you begin creating posts, you will first need to create categories to assign your posts. Click on “Categories” and create a few categories that you know you will be using for your posts. Examples for categories you could use are “Recitals”, “Practice Tips”,  ”Announcements”, or “Instrument Care”.

Music Blog Categories

You are now ready to create your first post.

  1. Click on “New Post” in the “Blog” section.
  2. You will be taken to a page where you can give your new post a title, and begin writing your post.
  3. You will also see a text editor for formatting your post.
  4. After completing your article, scroll to the bottom of the screen and set the new post status to “Public” or “Hidden”.
  5. Designate if you want to enable or disable comments from your readers.
  6. When you are finished, select “Preview” or “Save Post”.

Your posts can now be viewed by your parents, students, and anyone else who has been provided with the link to your blog (

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Student Compositions

Student Compositions

Do you teach composition skills in your studio? Many teachers tell me teaching composition is something they would like to do, but never seem to get around to doing. There are many reasons given: no time, not sure where to start, student hasn’t shown an interest, not sure how to teach it.

I would not really say I “teach” composition, but more that I “encourage” composition. This is the level of intentionality that I have found to be comfortable for me in this area. Hopefully you can find one or two ideas for your studio in this blog.

The biggest help I have found is to start early, before the student thinks it might be hard! Composition grows out of improvisation, so I include improvisation at the very first lesson, and give it a little time every week for the first year. Just 3-4 minutes is enough to keep the spark alive. Emphasize that there is no “right” way, and that the student’s ideas are just as legitimate as yours.

There are so many ways to do improvisation with young children. Start improv on the black keys so that everything sounds harmonious. Model ideas for the student, and encourage them to listen for interesting textures and sounds. Make the improv tell a story. Sometimes I make up a story line that matches a Read more…

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