DRAG yourself to the beach and DROP onto that lawn chair!

Despite how much I love teaching, I genuinely look forward to my time off. After a long January through March with no breaks, I can hardly wait for Spring Break!

Do you ever hold lessons for part of a day before a vacation starts, or occasionally cancel some, but not all, lessons on a given day?

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The desire for performance

Performance is always the desired outcome of practice and music lessons, and yet music teachers typically spend only a small proportion of their time with students on the practice of performance itself.

We ‘perform’ in a sense whenever we play of course, and in this respect running through your pieces for your teacher, or for family and friends, can help musicians to begin to see the full shape of a piece. But bringing the piece off as a complete idea – an idea that bears your unique interpretive stamp as a musician – is something else entirely.

Few pedagogical avenues exist that can replicate performance sufficiently well to allow for development in this area. In this short blog series, of which this is the second instalment, I’m focusing on one such avenue: the masterclass.

The masterclass, in which a student performs a piece in front of a live audience and is then coached on it in an intensive session with an expert performer, is the best possible environment in which to nurture your students’ ability to imagine their own performance and to deliver it with confidence and heart to their audience. Read more…

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Music Teacher’s Helper turns 10 years old this year. You can read more about our company’s journey in this blog post. Over the next two weeks you can win some great giveaways with two different contests. Read more…

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Using MTH Creatively VII – The Ever Changing Schedule

Creating the yearly schedule seem like a daunting task – can become your worst enemy!

Luckily for those instructors putting together their yearly calendar; once you have your MTH calendar complete you may sit back and relax! Getting to that point is the challenge many instructors dread. Read more…

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Maximize your Welcome Email!

Music Teacher Helper comes with one of my favorite features, the Welcome Email

which you have the option to send to new students.

This is a wonderful way to professionally welcome your new students. See second picture.

Using the Welcome Email Template creatively can help get your new student set for success at the first meeting and lesson.

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Let us know what you think about these portable piano renderings in this short survey. Groove is a new portable piano coming onto the market.

Your feedback will make a difference in what design Groove moves forward with. Tell us what you think! To take this short survey, please Click Here.



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How often do you find yourself in need of a list of your students?

One can keep a list on your computer, but remembering to update it as you get new students or students discontinue can be inconsistent.

The easiest way to come up with a list of your students is to use the export names option on MTH; such a seemingly simple option that can save you time and help you in emergency situations. Read more…

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Using Various Technologies to Provide Play-Along Recordings to Students

One of the things I feel very strongly about as a music teacher is developing the  student’s ear – early, and often. I’m not just referring to the ear training exercises that most of us probably employ, but also using recorded examples at every possible opportunity.

I could write an entire post on why I believe this is so critical to the student’s success, and why I think audio examples and play-along recordings should be used constantly from the very beginning. For now, I’ll assume that most of you are already on board with this idea, and perhaps just need some ideas for HOW to provide recordings to students.   Read more…

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This is part three of my series about interesting ways I use Music Teacher Helper in my studio not always per the software itself.

Keeping track of miscellaneous fees = Headaches

If your studio is like mine, you offer to purchase books and materials for your students. Not only is this a nice service to the customer but it assures that students will have the correct supplies when needed.

My October 2013 blog post discussed ways to earn extra income by offering supplies for the students.


Keeping track of all theses book and miscellaneous charges is, quite frankly, a pain. First you have to remember to get payment from the student. That job is made easier by adding the fees on MTH, however it is up to you to remember to actually add the fee. How many times do you go through your bookkeeping and realize a charge you paid was not transferred to the student for which the purchase was made? Read more…

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Scheduling Summer Lessons

July 24th, 2013 by

For many private music teachers/studios, summer brings the end of the school year and regularly scheduled lessons. Although I am certain many instructors, like myself, look forward to the break in what can be grueling teaching schedule we also realize with this break usually comes a huge drop in income. As well, many beginner students forget much of what they learned the previous year without, at minimum, a handful of summer lessons thus some teachers adhere to a minimum of required summer lessons and some offer lessons on an “as available” basis. I offer the later.

Summer Piano

Scheduling summer lessons using email and MTH

Before the end of the school year I send information on how summer lessons are offered and acquired. To keep my vacation options open, I do not schedule regular weekly lessons even if requested. Instead, I email available days and times for lessons approximately 1 week prior to the days I wish to teach. This also allows more flexibility in the schedule for the families participating. It has worked well for me for many years.

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