We made a visual to show the impact our users had on a recent Donorschoose.org Giving Page to benefit music school classrooms.
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Yiyi Ku

National Piano Month

September 22nd, 2014 by

Did you know September is National Piano Month?!

Alfred Music has teamed up with Making Music Magazine – Engaging and Inspiring Musicians to give away Alfred’s Teach Yourself to Play Piano Complete Starter Pack.

One lucky winner will receive the Teach Yourself to Play Piano Complete Starter Pack courtesy of Alfred Music.

This prize package includes:

  • high-quality Firebrand™ electric keyboard—full-size keys, 136 preset sounds and 128 rhythms, an illuminated LED keyboard display, built-in speakers, recording functionality, and sheet music stand.
  • Alfred’s Teach Yourself to Play Piano book
  • Audio CD with demo and performance tracks
  • DVD instructional video and software (Mac & PC compatible)

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Does your studio have more students than you can handle, or do you wonder if anyone even takes music lessons any more? Why do some people seem to attract more students than they need and others struggle to fill their time blocks?

This is a complicated question, with many variables.

First and foremost people are attracted to what is attractive, valuable, and somewhat hard to get. Even when you need students, you can’t appear needy. So the first thing you must consider when attracting new students is what you have to offer. What makes you unique and valuable? Get busy being the kind of teacher, with the kind of studio, that people would stand in line to get in to.

With that in mind, there is one source of new students that will out perform every other source. However, before I discuss that source, here are some general advertising ideas to get your studio on the radar. Remember to project a confident, positive attitude as you introduce yourself. Stay a little bit hard to get.

  • Leave business cards on local bulletin boards, with your hair dresser, the mail carrier, and anyone you do business with in your community.
  • Drop off business cards and fliers with local real estate agents.
  • Put fliers out in local neighborhoods, door to door when allowed. Go on a Saturday morning so you have a chance to actually meet some people.
  • Call the music teachers at your local schools and introduce yourself. Ask how you can be of help to them. Offer to accompany for some of their programs.
  • Join one of the online teacher referral websites, such as LessonRating.com.
  • Put up a flier at your church or community center.
  • Order a magnetic sign for the side or back of your car, giving your studio name and contact information.
  • If allowed, put up a sign in front of your home studio. I know a teacher who puts up a sandwich-board type sign on a busy corner near his home every Sunday afternoon for a few hours.
  • Join a local music teachers’ association and ask to be put on the list for referrals and to be listed on their website.
  • Pass out fliers or business cards at local children’s sporting events, or when parents are picking their children up from school.
  • Create a website and make sure your name comes up when people search for a teacher in your area. (This could be a whole separate article!)
  • Hold a summer camp for students who want to explore the piano.
  • Write a guest editorial on a musical topic for your local newspaper.
  • Set up a booth at a local fair or community-day activity.
  • Have an entry in the town parade and/or pass out fliers along the route.
  • Advertise in the program for a local school play.
  • Offer a free introductory workshop.
  • Give a local recital of your own music.
  • Offer preschool music or Kindermusic classes to get students ready for instrumental lessons.
  • Offer group classes for teens or adults.
  • Teach retired adults during school hours.

Finally, what is the far and away best source for students? Your current students, of course! Your students will naturally recommend you to their friends, but there are things you can do to encourage this. At the end of each school year I give out coupons for students to give to their friends for a free trial piano lesson. If they recommend a student who signs up full time, the current student also gets a free lesson. I also ask current parents to write a short paragraph of recommendation that I can post on my website. Basically, you want to make sure your current students and parents have referrals on their mind.

It can take months for momentum to build from your efforts, so don’t be discouraged and don’t quit advertising. Your efforts now are filling your studio six to twelve months from now. Even if you are currently full, you cannot stop promoting your studio.

Please comment on this article with ways you have found to attract students. I would love to hear your ideas!

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In 2013 we released many new features and updates for you. We want to thank you for your support and great suggestions throughout the year.

Below are a few features and updates now available or expected to be available in the upcoming weeks.

Website Blog: We are in the testing phase of the new Blog feature, and plan to release the feature soon. When the feature is released, we will send you an email, informing you of the release of this feature requested by many of you.

Simplified Invoicing System: Our programmers continue to enhance and simplify our invoicing system.

iOS Update: The latest Ios app release 1.5.7 is now available for download at the Apple Store. You will need to delete the older version before downloading the new release.
Some of the new iOS additions include:

  • Income and earnings report
  • About tab that now easily identifies the version of the app and basic information
  • Terms of Service displaying properly

iOS issues resolved include:

  • The student name missing after changing status
  • Lesson notes not saving
  • App crashing after entering payment


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Enter for a chance to win!

Test your knowledge about Alfred’s best-selling methods and enter for a chance
to win Premier Piano Course materials, Mighty Bright lights, and subscriptions
to Clavier Companion Magazine and MusicTeachersHelper.com!

Click the image below to enter on Alfred Music’s Piano Facebook page. If you
don’t already “Like” the page, you will be prompted to do so before entering.
Follow Alfred Music on Facebook for news, teaching tips, and exclusive content.

If you do not have a Facebook profile, you may enter the sweepstakes at


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Having a professional looking website helps students feel more confident that you take your teaching business seriously. Your website is often a student’s first introduction to you as a teacher.

Today we added 41 new studio website themes to Music Teacher’s Helper. These themes are available on all paying plans. To see the new themes, or change your current theme, click Website -> Theme/Layout, then click the “Prime Themes” tab.

Here is a sample of three of them.













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Our support continues to improve as we have added a Live Chat option. You may have noticed a Contact Support tab at the bottom right corner of the website, where you can submit a Support Ticket, initiate a Live Chat, or place a Call to our Support Team. So if you want to initiate a Live Chat or talk to our customer support by phone, feel free to call or initiate a Live Chat and we’ll help you out during regular US business hours (9am-6pm Central time) Monday-Friday! You will continue to have the option of submitting a support ticket for help 24/7.

A new version of the iPhone app was released this month, allowing you to add, edit, and delete students. Version 1.2 also fixed a number of bugs. You can read about the updates and download the latest version of the Music Teacher’s Helper iPhone app here.

Latest Updates

  • Image uploader was automatically resizing uploaded images 600px high regardless of the image dimension. Automatic resizing will now happen only when the image file size exceeds 2mb.
  • Template page was going blank when trying to edit. This has been fixed.
  • Lesson cost could not be saved for reconciled lesson when using the iPhone app. This has been fixed.
  • Lesson notes and cost would not save when using the iPhone app. This has been fixed.


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We’ve taken your feedback to heart and are excited to announce some major improvements to the Music Teacher’s Helper Calendar we just released. Here are some of the highlights:

  • 100x Faster. Everything from cycling between days or weeks to turning filters on and off is now incredibly faster.
  • Drag & Drop. You can now drag & drop events to change their dates and times in all views.
  • Change Time Slot Duration. Time slots have always been shown in 30 minute increments. But if your lessons end at the quarter hour or in 10 minute intervals, you can now change the time slot interval to make it more clear.
  • Hide days and times. Don’t teach lessons before 6am or on weekends? You can now make the calendar show only the days and times you teach.
  • Easier Access to Student Info. When you click an event, the info bubble that appears will now let you click any student in the participant list to be taken to their profile. Or if you click “View” you can see the email and phone number for each participant in the event.
  • Change Start Day. You can now have the week and month view start on Monday or another day rather than just Sunday.
  • Improved Appearance. We’ve improved the look & feel of the calendar, and made a few interface improvements such as easier access to edit categories and locations within the filter area, and no need to refresh after selecting filters.

Here are some other more minor changes we made in May, 2012. We appreciate your votes on our Feedback page letting us know which features are important to you, and we continue to listen to your ideas and suggestions.

  • On the registration page of the Music Staff template, studio names with an apostrophe were not showing properly. This is now fixed.
  • The font size of the quote in the sidebar of the Music Staff template was too large. This is now fixed.
  • The Payment Category drop down list in the mobile app now shows all of the payment categories you’ve created.

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We’re having a contest starting on June 15th, 2012 and ending on June 30th, 2012 with several prizes including a free subscription to Music Teacher’s Helper for life! This contest will judge an article or video you submit about how you use Music Teacher’s Helper to manage your music teaching business. Your submission can include advantages that MTH gives you, a comparison of your life before and after MTH, as well as other creative ways you use MTH. Winners will be announced on August 1st, 2012 in the Newsletter, Blog and Facebook.

Contest Rules:

  • Write and post an article on the benefits and/or creative uses of Music Teacher’s Helper on a blog or website (either your own or as a guest blogger on someone else’s), or create a video and post the video on YouTube.
  • Articles needs to have at least 300 words to qualify. Videos need to have a minimum length of 2 minutes.
  • Tell us about your article or video by posting a link to it on our Facebook page. Copy and paste the link into the status box on Facebook. The intro to the article from the blog, and photo, should be pulled into the status box along with the link to the article. If you’re unable to post the link, send it to ronnie@musicteachershelper.com and I’ll post it for you.
  • Send me the link to your post as well at ronnie@musicteachershelper.com. This will ensure that I have your link to the blog post.
  • Use one of the  keyword phrases below in the title of your article, and one to three keyword phrases in the first half of the article. If you are submitting a video, use a keyword in the title, and one to three keywords in the description. If possible, make the keyword a link to http://www.musicteachershelper.com.
  • Contestants can not be an employee or subcontract labor for Music Teacher’s Helper.
  • Contestants do not have to be an active subscriber to Music Teacher’s Helper.

Keywords or Keyword Phrases:

Use any of the following keyword phrases in your article or video title and contents/description. Read more…

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I am completely fascinated with online networking.  It’s such a fun way to interact

Are you a social media expert?

with people you know and meet people you don’t.  In fact, social media is all the buzz in advertising in today’s market. It’s free, it’s fast, and you can hit a large market.  Big companies are even hiring social media experts whose full time job is to tweet you, text you, and message you about hot deals and cool stuff.  It’s the next big thing in marketing.  But should you use it for your private music teaching studio?  I do.

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